Our main product is RSS (Ribbed Smoked Sheets) which could be classified into 5 grades consist of RSS1 to RSS5. The grade is depend mainly on the visual inspection of purity of 1 to 5. They are served as a raw material in many products says car tyre, shoes sole and automotive parts. RSS is a product of natural rubber that gives good elasticity better than chemical rubber.

There are two types of RSS packing consist of large bale and small bale which are different in both size and the covered method.
  • A large bale of 111.11kg per bale is coated with white power.
  • A small bale of 50kg or 35kg per bale wrapped in polyethylene bag.
  • A small bale of 35kg in Shrink Wrap Unit


 Other packing method is available as per particular order of the customers.

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