Company Profile

Supark Company was founded in August of 2009 by Miss Suchikorn Kittiapisarnsilpa, Mr.Lattapak Kittipaisarnsilpa and Miss Sunisa Sekhao located at Rayong province in the eastern if Thailand on 10 acres land. The company was operated under an advice of a senior advisor Mr.Kriangkrai Kittipaisarnsilpa who has a solid foundation in the rubber business for more than 35 years. Miss Suchikorn and Mr.Lattapak are the third generation of the family who has been running the rubber trading business since 1968. The first generation is their grandfather Mr.Kimpuang Jong then it was took care by Mr.Kriangkrai Kittipaisarnsilpa who is the father then descended to the current executive.
          Starting in 1968, Mr.Kimpuang Jong the grandfather initiated the rubber trading business by purchasing the ADS rubber from rubber plantations then retail to middlemen locally. Then in the second generation, Mr.Kriangkrai started to sell to other provinces domestically. Furthermore, in the era of Mr.Kriangkrai, he established the rubber smoke house factory and the export oversea.
          At the moment, Supark Company has a capacity of 20,000 metric tons annually and enable to export to several counties in Southeast Asia including China, Singapore and India. Our factory is located in the area that full of rubber plantations as well as a good connection of the company with the rubber seller, so we are able to obtain the raw material through the whole year.
          Our main objective is to maintain the good global standard as well as on time delivery. We work hard to satisfy our customers and aim for long-term good business thus the customers would be happy to cooperate with us.
"World Class Quality"
          To approach the world outstanding stage of RSS manufacture, the strength point of Supark is the main essential key to lead us to the goal. Our competitive advantage is the concentration of quality standardization. The quality verification is made carefully by our experienced supervisors to maintain the quality of our product.



           At the moment, Supark is a middle-small size enterprise but our strength is the standard quality that well controlled in every step of production line. We have an intention to expand the market and increase the sell while maintain the quality and old customer base.
          We are not only concern on the sell but we also pay an attention on an environment. The polluted water which was emitted in the rubber sheet washing process will be solved by the water treatment system in the factory area. The water will be recycled and reused in the production line so that we use water more efficiently.
          At the moment, we have been entrusted by the customers in many countries including the well-known car tyre producers. To maintain the customer satisfaction, we will keep working hard to make sure that the customers will always get the good products and services.
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